Ron Shereyk is a healer by nature. He is highly intuitive as a practitioner, having to be very in tune with clients as individuals and their body. In the relationship between body and mind, connection has been exceedingly enhanced through bodywork and the other services he provides. Ron has this great ability to unearth stored trauma for release. He is a warm communicator and very comfortable to be around during any session, bringing a relevancy to anything that comes into fruition. At times therapy can be a vulnerable state to be in, yet Ron encourages any release, thought or emotion as welcome and very valid to the process itself. The services Ron provides are a true catalyst in transformation and an acceleration in self discovery. I can’t imagine better methods to open yourself up to a vast space for healing. I am incredibly grateful for Ron’s talent as a practitioner, as I’ve gained a working understanding of myself and the world we all walk around in.